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The Link Between HVA and Bunion Recurrence

To the naked eye, a bunion appears as a bump on the side of the foot that can drastically alter its appearance. Bunions are a foot deformity that is caused when the big toe and first metatarsal bone become misaligned. In severe cases, surgery may be required to repair a bunion if it becomes extremely painful or interferes with your walking ability. While bunion-removal surgery is successful in a lot of cases, there is a chance that your bunion can return after having the procedure. Researchers have found a link between HVA (hallux valgus angles) and the likelihood of experiencing a bunion recurrence. Hallux valgus angles are the angles formed by the toe bone and first metatarsal bone, and larger HVAs tend to result in a higher risk of bunion recurrence.

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What is a Bunion?

A bunion is formed of swollen tissue or an enlargement of boney growth, usually located at the base joint of the toe that connects to the foot. The swelling occurs due to the bones in the big toe shifting inward, which impacts the other toes of the foot. This causes the area around the base of the big toe to become inflamed and painful.

Why do Bunions Form?

Genetics – susceptibility to bunions are often hereditary

Stress on the feet – poorly fitted and uncomfortable footwear that places stress on feet, such as heels, can cause bunions to form

How are Bunions Diagnosed?

Doctors often perform two tests – blood tests and x-rays – when trying to diagnose bunions, especially in the early stages of development. Blood tests help determine if the foot pain is being caused by something else, such as arthritis, while x-rays provide a clear picture of your bone structure to your doctor.

How are Bunions Treated?

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