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If the arches of your feet didn’t form correctly when you were a child, you may have a condition known as flatfeet. At Foot & Ankle Premier Specialists, with offices in Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, Ridgefield, and Bloomfield, New Jersey, experienced podiatrists offer on-site evaluations of flatfeet to determine the best way to address pain or other related symptoms. Learn what you can do about flatfeet today by calling your nearest office or booking a consultation online now.

Q & A

What is flatfeet?

Flatfeet is a condition where the arches of your feet become weak and fall, causing your soles to make partial or complete contact with the ground. You can have flatfeet on just one foot or in both. 

In some cases, arches that are already weak can fall completely over time due to the constant pressure you put on your feet. About 20-30% of the population has flatfeet because their arches failed to form in childhood.

What are the symptoms of flatfeet?

Flatfeet can make it difficult to walk because the condition can cause your legs to move out of alignment and put added pressure on your ankles.

Symptoms of flatfeet can include:

  • Heel pain
  • Ankle swelling
  • Flat-looking feet
  • Difficulty standing on tiptoe

Some people may even notice their shoes wear unevenly over time. Continued stress on the feet and ankles as the result of flatfeet can lead to a weakening in the tibial tendon that surrounds the ankle, causing pain that becomes chronic.

This chronic pain can eventually interfere with your ability to walk or stay active and needs an evaluation by the skilled podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Premier Specialists.

What treatments are available for flatfeet?

There are several treatment options for flatfeet to reduce the likelihood you’ll develop chronic pain or limited mobility. Your provider may initially recommend going barefoot when possible to strengthen your natural arches. 

You may also benefit from physical therapy to strengthen the Achilles tendon, which is typically weak in people with flatfeet. Your provider may suggest wearing custom orthotics, like shoe inserts, to better support your ankles and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Surgery is rarely an option for treating flatfeet; however, the skilled podiatrists at Foot & Ankle Premier Specialists may schedule surgery to address chronic pain that results from tendon tears in the tissue surrounding your ankles. 

They can evaluate your overall condition and determine if surgery is necessary for relieving chronic pain when other therapies aren’t effective.

If flatfeet is interfering with your ability to stay physically active and pain-free, schedule a consultation at Foot & Ankle Premier Specialists today using the online booking feature or by calling the office.