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Pediatric Foot Care


Treatment For Your Kids Now Prevents Issues Down the Road.

When your children are young, you may not think about foot health as much as you do nutrition, preventing diaper rash or ensuring a safe sleeping space.

But foot health is extremely important for children, and providing care at a young age can help prevent more serious issues later in life. 

Tips for Good Baby Foot Health

Keeping an eye on your children’s feet for abnormalities helps ensure prompt treatment if any issues arise. Ensuring feet aren’t restricted can help prevent injury, while moving baby frequently can help keep feet loose and flexible. 

What to Watch For in Toddlers

As your children age and start walking, spotting any issues becomes a priority. Watch for feet that turn in or out and call us to report any observations. Your children’s feet should not be swollen or painful at this age — any reports of these issues could be serious and should also be reported as soon as possible. 

Keep Your Kids Moving Forward

Call us with any questions or concerns about your children’s foot health. We’ll help you know when to seek treatment and ensure your kids start life on the right foot!


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