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Surgeries and Procedures


We’ll Get You Back on Your Feet.

Certain ailments require extra treatment to help you return to your lifestyle. Foot & Ankle Premier Specialists provides surgeries and procedures to address a range of issues.

Ankle Arthroscopy

A minimally invasive procedure that can address a range of issues, ankle arthroscopy often requires only a few small incisions to access your ankle joint. Causing less soft tissue trauma than traditional surgical procedures, ankle arthroscopy often means less pain, quicker healing and earlier return to day-to-day living than other surgical options.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Often the last resort for dealing with serious foot and ankle problems, surgery can help alleviate discomfort when other, non-invasive options have been exhausted. The physicians at Foot & Ankle Premier Specialists are board certified to provide surgical remedy for a range of foot and ankle issues.

Joint Replacement Surgery

When you’re suffering from joint pain, mobility issues or deformity, joint replacement surgery is an effective option. Joint replacement surgery is also successful in treating arthritis, which is the most common cause of improperly working joints.

Laser Treatment and Therapy

A quick, non-invasive option for foot pain caused by neuromas and other foot ailments, laser treatment and therapy can provide substantial relief to a variety of ailments.

Microvas Therapy

MicroVas therapy for treating poor circulation in the legs and feet involves electrically stimulating muscles in a pulse-like fashion. Micro-Vas therapy is completely non-invasive and has been shown to be a useful way to treat both diabetic and non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy.


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